February 2016 newsletter

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Welcome to the Together We’re Better (TWB) newsletter.

Since I last updated you on the programme, activity in each of the transformation workstreams has really begun to take shape. While we are much clearer about how we hope to change the system and the Case for Change will be published imminently

January 2016 programme update

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Successful Logic Modeling workshops and a series of panels have been completed with representatives of each of the workstreams to move us forward towards Gateway 1 and to further inform the development of the Case for Change which is soon to be published.

December 2015 programme update

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Outcome definition workshops and programme planning sessions have ensured that everything is on track for submitting the outline case for change to NHS England and NHS Improvement (formerly the Trust Development Authority (TDA) and Monitor) at the end of this month.

Robust clinical leadership

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Interviews for the Medical Director role have been held and the successful candidate will be announced shortly.

Five clinical leads have already been appointed to the TWB programme to ensure thorough clinical involvement across all activity. The following appointments have been made:

The story so far

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To date, two Leadership Summits have taken place bringing together senior individuals from commissioning and provider organisations. These gleaned rich content, the majority of people are positive about the programme and the ‘pledges’ to support the programme’s vision have been very powerful.